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Overcoming Doubt

This article is based on our podcast episode, Make Magic: Overcoming Doubt. Listen to the full episode here.

When we find self-love, we open up to a more satisfying life. Sometimes it's easy to view progress as a constant push upward and onward, always getting better. We get trained that a successful life is a straight, diagonal line. In actuality, life is a spiral. We often come back to the same things over and over, but with more understanding and awareness every single time.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed and wonder, “How did I work with it last time? Will I be okay?” On the path to finding self-love and trust, we will always encounter doubt.

How Is Doubt Close To Joy?

In Buddhism, wisdom is really close to confusion. When you're confused, you're actually very close to getting where you need to be. They are part of the same coin. Confusion is the root experience that wisdom grows out of. We often think of our emotions as islands, disconnected from one another. This is not true. They often intermingle and impact one another. When you are confused, you begin searching and you step onto the path to wisdom. Doubt and joy are also linked in this way. When we are making a change based on negative reinforcement, there are often three stages: pain aware, problem aware and solution aware. Although experiencing pain may not feel like change, it is the first step before we address the problem, or how and why something is happening. When we understand the pain we are feeling and why it's happening, we can then choose to do something different. This is the solution. Hence, they are all connected and part of the process of change. When you dive into self-love and trust, old doubt naturally arises. If you haven't forgiven yourself for things that have occurred in the past and you try to love yourself, discomfort might arise. When we trade in our doubt for trust, our bodies detox and we feel uneasy. Embracing discomfort is actually part of the healing process. It is part of the path.

Joy doesn't necessarily have to equate to happiness. For me, joy is about accessing gratitude, creativity, and being aware of who we really are. We all have an inner essence, and when we are tuned to that space, we experience love because we are made from it.

Purpose comes from being present in our soul essence. And when you're really present, there is so much joy.