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You're always one decision away from having a different (and a way more fulfilling) life.

My Offerings: Services
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Energy medicine programs

Designed for sensitive people, empaths, and starseeds that want to become empowered in their abilities and more trusting of their ability to sense and see. They are informed by somatic psychology and are also trauma-informed.

**If you are not sure if this work is for you, please schedule a free discovery call so we can look more closely at your unique situation and the best way to move forward. 

Level 1

Root Medicine program

Live with Xandra or Self-Guided


*The live program includes 75-90 minute meetings with Xandra, therapeutic mentoring, and personalized support.


*The self-guided option is an online, pre-recorded course where Xandra guides you through the same modules as the live version.

This course includes the following:


  1. Energy Healing Tools - Learn how to release negative energies, protect your space, and feel nourished and replenished in minutes

  2. Connect with your Healing Master (spirit guide that will help you heal yourself faster)

  3. Learn 7 main chakra systems and layers of your aura

  4. Gain more awareness and certainty about your energetic and emotional space and send energy back that is not yours

  5. Learn how to use a psychic gauge to perceive yourself truthfully

  6. Release doubt and uncertainty that gets in the way of trusting your gifts (both are huge killers to connecting with your intuition and trusting yourself)

  7. Weekly guided meditations to help integrate the material 

  8. ****Weekly or Bi-weekly meetings (your choice depending on whether you choose the 6-week or 12-week learning option) where we work together to bring this huge healing to your life

Level 2

Heart Medicine Program

  1. Learn how to do psychic readings for others by tapping into their energy field

  2. Read past lives for others and help them understand their purpose and how this relates to their current incarnation 

  3. Become more clear on your dreams, purpose, and learn how to manifest what you want from a place of certainty, joy and creativity

  4. Feel confident in your ability to shift your mood, emotions and tap into a greater frequency of healing

  5. Open up your ability to see auras and read their meanings in yourself and others

  6. Become stronger in your certainty and intuition

  7. Weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls where you work directly with me to learn these tools (there is a 6-week or 3-month program option)

***Prerequisite Root Medicine Program​

Level 3

Are you a starseed, lightworker, or empath feeling the inner calling to fully embrace your spiritual journey? 

I am here to guide those who are actively engaged in navigating their spiritual path. My mission is to assist starseeds, lightworkers, and empaths in aligning with their true life purpose, shedding the heaviness that surrounds them, and elevating their spiritual frequency beyond the confines of fear. Together, we embark on a journey toward genuine Soul Empowerment. My coaching is designed to help people move through doubt, fear, and overwhelm and shift into ease, grace, confidence, and spiritual evolution. We find ourselves at the threshold of a new spiritual era, and your unique presence is crucial.


I am dedicated to supporting individuals who are wholeheartedly committed to raising their spiritual vibration to the highest level.

Crown Medicine Program

***Prerequisite Root & Heart Program

  1. Master spiritual practices that help you clear karma, cords and old patterns between yourself, your family members and other beings

  2. Learn how to clear and release old trauma and see yourself as a sovereign, spiritual being

  3. Communicate with angels and guides, and develop rituals to invite them more fully into your life 

  4. Tap into greater levels of empowerment, spiritual certainty and confidence

  5. Connect deeply with your etheric bodies and learn how to heal physical, mental, spiritual and emotional blockages


Soul Essence Coaching

Soul Essence Psychotherapy

Transform Your Life with Ongoing Support

Soul Essence Wellness Center, spiritual life coaching, psychic medium, intuitive readings

Are you interested in connecting with your soul essence, but are struggling with difficult emotional and mental health challenges and need support for this first? I've got your back - I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor.

If you are looking for more information about my psychotherapy practice, please click here for a free 30-minute consultation call to learn more about my methods and to see if we are a good fit. Please note, I am only able to work with Colorado residents due to state licensure laws.

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