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Boulder Psychic Medium | Xandra Hawes

Takeaway: Being a sensitive, empathic person comes with its challenges. However, these traits are also incredible strengths. Colorado psychics can help you harness your intuitive abilities and tap into your unique abilities. Through our work together, you’ll feel empowered to further develop your gifts and find the magic within. Get started today!

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Has something inside of you started to shift?

Pssttt... Has anyone ever told you that your sensitivity is a gift? Your nervous system and its ability to sense things at a higher level can pave the way for a huge transformation, especially if you choose to listen to the messages in your emotional body. If you've recently found yourself opening to new spiritual concepts, feeling a deep longing for a more meaningful purpose, or experiencing rapid changes in relationships, work, or health, you might be experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakenings 101

Spiritual awakenings are transformative experiences that are both exhilarating and overwhelming. In a nutshell, your 3D body begins to recognize that you are a spirit at your core, and it begins to integrate this information, causing you to feel and experience life differently. When you recognize your ancient soul essence, your frequency begins to shift, and your energy runs at a higher speed, initiating rapid changes in goals, lifestyle, and values. This process might cause you to have a profound shift in consciousness, a re-orientation of perspective, and a deepening of your spiritual connection.

Spiritual Awakenings vs. Spiritual Emergencies

A spiritual awakening can be both an internal process and an external process, and the pace and degree of change can be profound, but also overwhelming, especially if big changes coincide with it. Sometimes, a traumatic catalyst can cause us to view ourselves and our world differently, and spur this spiritual shift. This process is very similar to a spiritual awakening, but it can feel more challenging because the emergence of the spirit comes from a painful event, such as the loss of a friend, getting fired, car accidents, and severe depression. Hence, the soul-opening process might feel like a rapid emergence or a "spiritual emergency."


Spiritual awakenings and spiritual emergencies are often accompanied by big life transitions, such as changes in your relationships, partnerships, finances, health, work, and location. Finding an intuitive guide that is familiar with this process can be incredibly valuable and supportive.

Let's look at what a person might experience and how working with a psychic medium can be a crucial guide in this transformative process.

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Does this sound like you?

You've always been able to sense other people's feelings, and this has made life a bit overwhelming when it comes to saying "no" or identifying what you need. You're drawn to metaphysical topics, such as tarot cards, astrology, chakras, and crystals, and feel drawn to connect with animals, trees, and the stars. You might consider yourself a helper, healer, lightworker, or Starseed. And as you've gotten older, you've found yourself more interested in holistic health and are drawn to develop a closer connection with yourself. Being in alignment with your purpose has become more and more important.


You catch yourself thinking...

I'm always daydreaming about my bigger purpose. Why hasn't it shown up yet?
Why can't I let other people's energy go?
I want to develop my intuition, but I don't know where to start.
How do I know if I'm a starseed?
I care so much about other people and the planet. It's exhausting.
I love seeing repeating numbers, symbols, and signs in nature, but I struggle to understand what they mean.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, intuitive people often experience life at a different frequency. They feel it all. They see things other people don't see.


And it's a lot.

They receive messages, insights, and inner stirrings, often known as clairvoyance. On the other hand, high levels of sensitivity and deep empathy can show up as anxiety, depression, and difficulty trusting yourself.

Want to know if you have psychic abilities? Click here for my free quiz.

best psychics in colorado

You're not alone on your spiritual journey. Psychic mediums in Colorado can help you harness your abilities.

Finding your higher purpose, connecting with your soul essence, and experiencing clarity and peacefulness is possible.


A psychic medium that works in integrity can offer insight, guidance, and tools to help you navigate the spiritual awakening process, as well as provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore and process your experiences.


After doing hundreds of readings for people all over the world, I created three different programs to help sensitive, empathic, and intuitive people heal themselves, overcome difficult emotions, find their purpose, and awaken their psychic abilities.

Learn more below.

best psychic in colorado

Meet Boulder psychic, Xandra Hawes.

I'm a psychic medium, holistic therapist, and energy healer. My office is located in Boulder, Colorado where I see clients in person, but I offer online readings and 1-1 online programs for folks located in Denver, Wheat Ridge, Canada, England, Costa Rica - you name it.

I help empaths and starseeds all over the world transform their lives. Awakenings can be messy and unpredictable, and it's not uncommon for old wounds, fears, and limiting beliefs to resurface. When we work together, I help you identify these blocks and provide tools and techniques to release them, allowing for greater expansion and growth.

How do I support you on this journey? Good question.

I offer 1-1 readings and also teach psychic development courses. These courses are amazing roadmaps to help you learn how to navigate your sensitivity with ease, joy, and purpose.

You can also find tons of free resources on my free podcast, Soul Essence, where I interweave the world of psychology, spirituality, and energy healing.

Services I offer

Do you have important questions about your life you would love clarity on? Do you crave the ability to move energy easily out of your space? Are you hoping to clear your anxiety while increasing your intuition? Check out the different ways I've helped hundreds of people below:

Psychic Medium Readings

Receiving a psychic reading is one of the best ways to gain insight into many aspects of your life. In a 60-minute meeting, you can ask about a diverse range of topics, including your business, work, children, partnerships, travel, health, finances, housing - you name it. If someone close to you is on the other side, you can receive information from them, see how they are, and send them love and gratitude.

Energy Healing & Psychic Development Programs

To put it simply, in order to further open up to your psychic abilities, you have to trust yourself and move out of old doubt sitting in your body, mind, and emotional field. Once you do this, your ability to see more deeply, know things more confidently, and trust yourself easily naturally comes through because your soul essence resonates at this frequency. I created three programs that act as a bridge to take you from clearing out old patterns that hijack your self-trust, all the way to being able to do psychic readings and spiritual healings for other people.

Holistic Therapy

I offer Buddhist psychology-based therapy to residents of Colorado at my office in Boulder and online. For more information, please visit my psychotherapy website here.

FAQs about working with psychics in Colorado

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What is psychic energy?

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psychikosis, and can be translated to mean "soul." Similarly, people that identify as being psychic often note having clairvoyance, which simply means, "clear-seeing" or feeling an "intuitive" hit. Hence, a person that is using psychic energy is connecting with their soul to see an event, perspective, or question more clearly. The soul is considered to be ego-less and free of fear, anxiety, or other emotions that might blur judgment. The ability to see clearly often comes from the ability to release the ego or to become more neutral, and is often highlighted as a positive result in Buddhist mindfulness training.

In a nutshell, the more a psychic medium has:
- practiced mindfulness
- looked deeply at their own subconscious beliefs and programming
- practiced clearing out their mental, emotional, and physical body of foreign energy

The more easily they can connect with their soul and the higher dimensional realms where answers are more easily accessible. Put simply, the more clear they become, the more clear the information becomes because it isn't filtered through judgment, fear, anxiety, etc.

Although I have studied many mystical and ancient spiritual traditions in my lifetime, my root practices remain in Buddhism as it allows higher states and expanded awareness combined with compassion, empathy, and neutrality. I offer this frequency in all of my readings, therapy sessions, and courses.

Who are the best psychics in Colorado?

When considering working with a psychic medium, intuitive guide, coach, or therapist, it's important to consider the following:

1) Access the person's integrity
Before deciding to work with someone long-term, set up a time to consult with them on their background, experience, and spiritual perspectives to learn how they can help you.

2) Consider what you would love to learn and express this to them directly
Are you hoping to reduce the anxiety you feel about trusting your abilities? Do you want to one day quit your job and find something more meaningful? Are you longing to have better self-care, learn how to meditate, or find more meaningful relationships? Get clear on what you would love to manifest in your life and express this directly to them and ask for their advice on how they might help you achieve these goals.

3) Access where they are located and the platforms they use to teach
Are you okay working online, or do you feel more inspired to meet in person? Being able to visit a psychic at a physical location can make a huge difference depending on how you learn and take in new information. Readings in person, on the phone, or online feel similar to most psychics (because they're tapping into etheric energies that are not based on physical location), but the client receiving the reading might experience the reading differently depending on the type of meeting structure.

There are also many events that psychics in Colorado attend throughout the year where you can receive several readings at once. I have attended multiple events at the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.


Overall, a psychic's job during a reading is to help you reconnect to your inner guidance system. Most psychics connect with your guides and theirs during readings to receive information, so finding a reading with someone you trust and that you can be vulnerable with is incredibly important. There is no "best psychic in Colorado." It all comes down to the quality of connection and inspiration.

Where can I find mediums in Colorado?

Psychic mediums are located all over Colorado, but there are often more psychics in Denver and Boulder because holistic health, metaphysical awareness, energy healing, and new-age spirituality are more widely accepted belief systems in these cities. To find out where a psychic is located, it can be beneficial to check Google Maps for their location, and then check their hours to schedule an appointment time. If you live in Denver, for instance, you might type in "psychic medium near me" and it will provide search results in your area.

Additionally, most psychic mediums choose to work online as their central communication platform because it allows them to serve people in a wider geographical area.

Start embracing your soul essence today with the help of a psychic in Colorado.

Whether you're experiencing a spiritual awakening, a spiritual emergency, or beginning to embrace your purpose as a lightworker or starseed, finding a psychic medium to guide your journey can be life-changing. I've helped hundreds of people gain the answers they need to live a meaningful life and the skills to open up and become empowered and trusting of their abilities.

Are you curious if working together would be a good fit for your path? I offer free consultation calls for anyone interested in an intuitive development program.

You can also sign up for my free weekly newsletter for free meditations, discounts, events, and direct personal notes from me.

Let's get social! Check out my Instagram account here.

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