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Letting Go of Fear

This article is based on our podcast episode, Make Magic: Letting Go of Fear. Listen to the full episode here.

When we decide to walk down a spiritual path, fear and doubt naturally arise for most of us. Spirituality, and the process of getting in touch with our spiritual selves, isn't quantifiable, linear or thinking-based. In a world that thrives on intellect, connecting deeply with this part of ourselves requires we let go of understanding primarily from our left-brain perspective. This can result in feeling ungrounded, vulnerable and unsure of ourselves.

In 2021, both fear and safety are big players in our everyday lives. We are all navigating a new way of living, within a collective society that has an increasingly heightened awareness of energy, spirituality and the possibility that we are more than just a brain and body.

The unknown can be scary - not only in society, but also in our own inner world. What’s next? How do I connect with this emerging part of myself? How do I know what's real?

Your Spiritual vs. Physical Mind

Fear can be intertwined with so many of our emotions, including judgment, doubt, and even joy. When you’re afraid to make decisions, you aren’t trusting yourself and your inner knowing. Sometimes there is so much pressure to do the "right thing", that we don't give ourselves permission to learn or grow through our own experience.

Our access to social media doesn’t help our self-view. Online, it seems everyone else has made sense of their lives and is confident with where they are right now. This may magnify our doubt and hesitation to move forward.

Our physical mind, our brain, is a beautiful tool. It helps us calculate, make decisions, and understand the world around us in a linear way. But if we focus only on this method of knowing and understanding, we cut ourselves off from our deeper connection to our intrinsic essence energy. When you begin walking down a spiritual path, you start to realize that you are more than just your physical mind. You begin to feel differently about your life and your purpose. In this way, you become more conscious that you are part of something greater. This is what Native American people have always called