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Finding Freedom In Yourself

This article is based on our podcast episode, Make Magic: Finding Freedom in Yourself. Listen to the full episode here.

Freedom is a really big word, and it often comes up in our society in context to laws, government, and privilege. But what about our internal freedom? The kind we feel and experience within us? And what does having freedom inside of us mean and feel like?

What Is True Freedom?

True freedom is a big, spacious feeling that lives within us. When we feel freedom on the inside, we feel nourished, purposeful, and trustful. When we experience true freedom, we can relax into our own worthiness and our intuitive nature arises. This purposeful knowing feels like an inner compass, and it gives us roots and a sense of being grounded. It gives us ease.

A few weeks ago, I kept feeling a heavy discomfort in my chest. It spread into my stomach and shoulders, and eventually my head felt heavy and full. The more I tried to avoid the feelings, the bigger they got. I know by now, when this happens in my body, it is a signal that my body wants more space. I considered if I needed to lighten up my schedule and tried to do this, but it continued to grow. So, I stopped to really listen to it. When I sit and listen to myself, it's not a glamorous process. It usually requires mountains of blankets, at least 30 minutes of deep breathing, and the ability to starfish on the floor of my office when no one is home. Listening to myself literally requires silence, no movement, and the ability for me to sink layers down in myself so I can hear the original message my body wants me to hear. And when I stopped everything and listened, my body simply said, "Slow down. Go on retreat." And so, I did.

Normally when I go on retreats, they are in a community with a teacher. With very few retreat centers open at this time, I decided to dive into the Airbnb world and found a very cool location about an hour outside of Santa Fe. I chose to stay in an Earthship which is an environmentally stable household that is off the grid and sustains itself.