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Happy Man
Happy Meditator

"Xandra is the Real Deal. From the moment you sit down with her, she's dialed into your deeper self and is connected with those around you in the other realm. I feel as if she knows me intimately because her information is On The Nose about what's happening in my life, and how I can better access my own inner knowingness. The love she exudes is strong and yet light and gentle, and I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied for having spent time with her."

Dena M. 

"Xandra is an incredible intuitive. I had a session with her and I was floored with how accurate and helpful her reading and guidance was. I recommend her above anyone else in search for an intuitive and energetic healer!"

Sophia O.

Happy Couple

"Xandra is wonderful! If you're looking to clear or release something's from your life, start unraveling old patterns, or gain insight from a deeper sense of self  - she is the one to call."

Erin S.

Happy Businessman

"Xandra helped me feel more connected with my body and spirit. The tools she taught me help me move energy through my body, and are essential to my daily spiritual hygiene. They help me feel grounded even in my most chaotic moments. It was truly a blessing to work with Xandra."

Jamey M.

"My experiences receiving support, energetic healing, and guidance from her have been transformative and powerful. Xandra's dedication to her own path has translated into an incredible and unique skill set. I have utmost trust in her abilities, compassion, intelligence, insight, and intuition."

- Valdon R.

"Xandra is attentive and tuned in. She and I haven't been working together very long, but she has already helped me to transform my life and reclaim my own power. As an energy worker myself, I suggest her to everyone who asks me to recommend a psychic or therapist.

She integrates work of the energetic past, present, and future in a culmination to find the best healing method for you. She is honest and straight forward in a compassionate way.


After our sessions, I feel rejuvenated and high vibrational.

You found her - she's the one.

Kalyn P.

Holding Hands

"I have had two incredible sessions with Xandra. One in person and one via zoom. Both equally potent! I have experienced a few traumatic losses and she was able to contact them. The things she shared about them were absolutely 100% on point and the information and messages she shared were so helpful for moving forward. If you’re looking to connect with spirit, I highly suggest a session with Xandra!!"

Haley F. 

Friends in Nature

Energy Healing Meets Practicality

"I had the good fortune to speak with Xandra during a point in my life where there were a lot of questions and things were feeling pretty overwhelming. She held an initial consultation with me where we talked about what I hoped to get out of my session and what her recommended approach would be. I tend to be a bit of a skeptic, but my session was fantastic! Xandra gave me a lot of practical tips and tricks to use to ground myself and pay more attention to what it is I was trying to process -- plus she's just such a bright and calming presence. Go into it with an open mind and you won't be disappointed."

Alex R.

"There are times that words are just not enough to express the appreciation you can have for someone. Xandra is just that. Our Soul's journey is precious. Connecting with Xandra for that most precious part of us all has made that journey all the better. It comes from a place of peace and a love to serve those around her on their journey. I cannot imagine a better guide for this exploration that awaits us all. She connects with your energy in a way that seems magical as she is bringing out the magic in all of us."

Omar D.

Girl with Yellow Sweater
Best Friends
Calm Woman

"After my reading I have felt a deep and lasting release and healing. I have been doing the returning of others' energy and retrieving my own, and it has been quite powerful. I am eternally grateful for Xandra's expertise, kindness and total presence of healing."

Kathleen H.

"At the beginning of the lockdown last March, there was so much uncertainty and angst in my life, I was really searching for answers. Xandra performed a reading for me over the phone, helping to provide some guidance to the direction I needed to go, and reassuring me that everything was ok, and that I just needed to stay on my path. It was a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend her services, she’s a beautiful soul who genuinely cares and her ability to communicate the things I needed to hear was very spot on."

Jim T

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Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 10.19.00 PM.png

"Xandra is one of the most powerful beings I know.  Every session I have with her reveals transformative insights into my current situation from a spiritual perspective. If I am struggling with a certain relationship and can't understand why, she is able to pull up our past life history together to reveal patterns and heal past wounds so we are able to resolve them in present time. If I'm feeling anxious about my career, she's able to receive guidance directly from my soul and spiritual guides to help me know exactly what action to take and what energy to elicit on spiritual and practical levels so I move forward confidently. Her background not as a psychic, but as a licensed counselor means that even if that are unruly spirits involved in the situation, she actually has the skills to help them too, and help everyone release the past. She has cleared mastered this craft over many lifetimes and is here are a wise soul to help many, many people." 

Riyah T.

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