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Frequently Asked Questions

Spiritual life coach


I can't tell if I'm psychic.

Psychic abilities come in all shapes and sizes, and you don't have to be born with out of this world knowledge about things that other people don't have to be psychic. Yes, we would all like to be as powerful as Silvia Browne out the gates, but there's also some huge difficulties being born with your sensitivities turned up to max volume early on in life. I often see very psychic people that consider themselves sensitive (and shame themselves for it) that fall into addiction cycles in order to turn down the volume. Also, there are tons of psychic people that feel confused about how they feel a lot of the time because they are constantly taking on the energy of people around them and healing them  (mostly on accident or because they think they have to). This was my MO for 28 years, until I discovered what undercover codependency is (check out episode #7 of my podcast if this might be you).


Regardless, in order to understand your magic, and to wield the psychic sword (or wand) in a responsible, joyful and disciplined way, it is important to get in touch with the source of your magic - your soul essence. 


What's soul essence?

Your soul essence is divinely unique and special. It is like your DNA - no one else has it. It is the vibrant energy that flows through your cells and gives your body life. In Buddhism, it is called Basic Goodness, and in Christianity, it is called Spirit. Your soul essence is your higher self, the part of you that radiates on the frequency of love, joy and gratitude. Being in alignment with your soul essence means tapping into your creative freedom, purpose and expansiveness. Some people experience  a bigger sense of trust, safety or flow when they uncover how to embody their soul essence on this earth plane. Although your body is limited in its capacity, your soul essence is not - it has lived many lifetimes. Your soul is the conscious energy inside of you that pulses with beauty, radiance, vibrancy - it is absolute medicine to know this truth deep in your bones. By knowing your soul essence and allowing it to intertwine deeply into your body, you allow yourself to heal and transform at faster rate because you reclaim your wisdom, sovereignty and your downright, badass-ness as the author of your own life.

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