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Using Play To Find Answers

This article is based on our podcast episode, Make Magic: Using Play to Find the Answers. Listen to the full episode here.

When you think of the word play, what memories arise in your system? Does it feel foreign? Can you remember the last time you played?

Often, as an adult, play is associated with children and child-like activities. We may think of adults that play or create for a living as irresponsible or not serious.

And I'm here to shake things up and bring in a counter perspective. What if investing more time in playing brought you closer to your goals than working harder?

Connecting Through Tech: Is It Enough?

It’s sad that so many of us have lost the ability to play. Adult play is generally associated with video games, television, and sometimes substances, mainly alcohol. When we play with children, we re-learn how to tap into our imagination and creativity. We lose our serious, work-infused mindset.

With society’s technological evolution, we have more access to information, but we have less downtime because our lives are more filled with potential stimulus. It is rare to find someone without some sort of profile, or online presence. Where there used to be gaps and pauses in our lives, there is stimulus, always another opportunity to connect to something via our devices. It challenges our ability to stay present and even recognize that we are breathing. Overtime, not bringing presence to our lives leaves us feeling depleted and exhausted.

Although technology allows us to virtually connect, there