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Finding Balance: Masculine & Feminine Energies

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

This article is based on our podcast episode, Make Magic: How The Overactive Masculine Blocks Intuition. Listen to the full episode here.

Over the last 5,000 years, there has been a gradual and consistent shift to valuing masculine ways of living and interacting in the world. For many women in the U.S., this cultural conditioning has caused a deep wounding and fear of trusting our emotional worlds, intuition, and natural ability to receive and be supported. To be successful or considered beautiful, we need to have masculine bodies (angular, thin, small hips and thighs) and value our thoughts over emotions. Operating only in masculine energy not only causes us (all beings, not just women) to be imbalanced, but it results in shutting down our natural ability to connect with our intuition. Within feminine energy lies the ability to receive intuitive information, which allows us to tap into our inner knowing and spirit guides.

Wounded Feminine Energy

At psychic-conventions, many successful women come up to my booth for a reading. They may be raising children, in long-term relationships, changing careers or building businesses. Day after day, month after month, I noticed a pattern. All the women seemed to struggle with the same problem: They were incredibly sensitive and intuitive, but they didn't trust themselves. They identified as sensitive, and experienced an inner knowing, or a sixth sense, that helped them better understand people and the world around them. But this amazing gift, to sense and see at a higher level, was buried, and mistrusted under layers and layers of masculine energy. Each woman across from me had a deep emotional world, but this part seemed to sit far back inside them, like a shy student sitting in the last row of a classroom. When I validated this for many of them, tears would erupt, and this intuitive, shy place would make eye contact with me. And when many of these women opened their mouths to reply, I was blown away by their stories. Their intuitive, sensing, emotional capacities were considered weaknesses. And they were ashamed of them.

Over and over, many women discussed that to be successful, or taken seriously, or considered a "good mom" or "valuable partner", they had to learn how to strive to become a rational, thinking-based human. They had to learn how to be accomplished, produce, compete and be goal oriented. Mind over heart, thinking over feeling, the sun over the moon. Each woman felt a deep ache having to isolate this part of themselves to be successful. And each woman also held a secret longing, a desire to return to this valuable place for comfort and joy.

In both myself and the women who have sat across from me, I sensed a deep desire to return to this feminine place that allows us