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Grounding To Heal Yourself

This article is based on our podcast episode, Make Magic: Grounding to Heal Yourself. Listen to the full episode here.

In this article, I am going to share how grounding practices heal our bodies, create greater emotional freedom, and set the stage for larger spiritual development. Additionally, I will share how the root chakra assists with grounding and connecting us to deeper energy medicine practices.

Our Energy

Sometimes I worry about where the world is going. I walk around Target and think, Why do we need so much stuff? It worries me, this gargantuan hunger to buy things that supposedly make us happier. As I pondered this predicament, I marched across the school supplies aisle and scanned the shelves apprehensively. My eyes landed on a flashy, happy looking coloring book: Learn About Your Chakras stood out in bold against the shiny, rainbow cover. It was tilted upward against the wall, like it was meant to be read by everyone passing by. In a sea of unnecessary things, I found myself filled with gratitude. Chakras, and other "wooy" spiritual concepts, are becoming mainstream and ordinary. As more and more people are becoming curious and learning how to take care of their energy bodies better, corporate America is catching on and trying to make a profit off it. But, on the plus side, these are the things I want to walk by in Target. I want spiritual awareness and energy healing to be available to everyone that wants to learn.