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Forgiveness as the Path to Freedom

Forgiveness is often seen as an avenue to heal oneself, and usually involves, in simplistic terms, the process of letting go of emotions tied to a difficult life experience and finding a sense of neutrality. But forgiveness, and the energetic process of forgiving, is not only an opportunity to let things go – it is the ultimate path to freeing ourselves. When we forgive ourselves and/or someone else, we clear out old energetic cords that we are still stuck in, so we can finally release the past and make new agreements with what we are calling in.

If you’re a sensitive soul, it might feel difficult to untie yourself to things. Perhaps you find yourself always overthinking, or replaying situations from the past over and over. An example of this might be replaying your morning drive to work, where say, you accidentally cut someone off and they sped away, clearly annoyed at your actions. Maybe you find yourself thinking about your mistake throughout the day, feeling bad about what happened, or feeling annoyed by the person’s reaction to your mistake.

It used to take me hours to let go of energetic interactions like this because I didn’t understand how energetic exchanges worked. I often shamed myself for overthinking things, but I didn’t know that holding onto energy could result in an energetic cord between myself and another person. How can we know exactly when an energetic cord forms? It’s simple - anything that doesn’t naturally go away in a few minutes, or that you find yourself replaying or ruminating on, might have an energetic cord attached to it, especially if it feels extra bulky in your headspace.

Here’s another example: Let’s imagine that you have a difficult interaction with a friend or family member, and then you find yourself angrily replaying the experience due to feeling frustrated and anxious. You then notice that this event continues to repeat in your mind, similar to the sensation of having a song stuck in your head. Even when you feel yourself wanting to let the situation go, it continues to pop up and interferes with your daily life. This is a classic example of an energetic cord that has formed between you and the other person. Energetic cords do not have to be negative, however, when we are upset at someone else, we can energetically jump into their space and they can jump into ours, resulting in an energetic battle playing out between both people. Most people do not realize when they are thinking hard about someone or a situation, they are jumping into that person’s headspace and impacting that person’s energy. Understanding how to release cords and call your energy back is called good energetic hygiene.