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Finding Ease: A Buddhist Perspective on Transforming Fear

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Serious energy can be the largest obstacle to transformation and connecting with your spirit. There. I said it. But hold on, hold on. Hear me out with this - I know what you’re thinking: How is right now a time to not take things seriously? Thousands of acres of land are on fire, it’s a super important election year, you can only see half of peoples’ faces in public gatherings, and people are dying from some sort of virus while the entire world is arguing about what it is or how to treat it. And you’re telling me to not take this seriously? What kind of disconnected person ARE you?” First off, yes, there are incredibly stressful events happening right now. And yes, it is so important to be engaged with what is going on and come together to support one another. But I want to slow down for a second. I want to take a couple steps back from looking at the events happening on the outside of us and reflect more on what is happening on the inside of us (as we go through these events) and consider these questions: - When you are thinking really seriously about something, are you able to be calm, grounded and compassionate?

- Are you able to feel relaxed and stay open to creativity?

- Can you stay present, mindful, and breathe deeply into trusting yourself? Truly, most people have difficulty with these pieces, and here’s why: Oftentimes, people think they can “feel” serious, but the definition of seriousness in itself is classified in terms of “how” we are thinking about something. When we are serious, this reflects the texture of our thoughts and how we are narrating our internal and external experiences. When we think about things seriously, our emotional response is to usually feel fear, concern, worry, and frustration. We cannot “feel” serious because serious is not an emotion. Emotions elicit certain physiological responses in our body, one of them being stress. Likely, if you are thinking about most things in your life in a serious way, and your emotional response to this is to feel fearful or concerned, your body is also likely to experience these cues as stress. Stress makes it incredibly difficult to stay present in our lives because our body might be operating in fight, flight, or freeze mode, ultimately making it tricky to be grounded, present, and calm. There are, admittedly, some deep Buddhis