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Spiritual Wellness Coaching

Live in Your Highest Alignment
Be Supported All Along the Way

Are you ready to transform and fully live in your truth? Do you know you have spiritual guides trying to connect with you all the time? In Spiritual Wellness Coaching sessions, I assist you in connecting with your spiritual support systems so that you develop trusting and loving relationships with your guides. I will teach you to listen deeply to your own internal compass and help you develop energy clearing practices to heal many facets of your life. Through connecting with your guides and learning to release energy, you will discover more joy, confidence and vitality in your life. I offer a unique and spiritually attuned approach that is both grounded in psychology, clairvoyance (clear-seeing) and energy healing that addresses and balances the mind, body and spirit. Every part of you deserves to be supported!

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1 Hour Session: $144.00       

Shamanic Energy Healings & Soul Retrievals

Release Energy, Patterns & Storylines That Are No Longer Serving You

Soul Retrievals

Is there something you have been trying to change about your life, but it just doesn't seem to shift—no matter what you do? Does a part of you feel like it's missing? Ancient traditions around the world believe that when a traumatic experience occurs, a part of our soul leaves the body in order to survive the difficult experience. This could range from a near death experience to emotional abuse, sexual abuse, toxic relationships, surgeries, accidents and more. As a Shamanic practitioner, I journey with both your and my healing guides to find and bring back these missing pieces so you can move forward and completely heal.

Chakra & Aura Healings

We often walk around completely ungrounded, holding energy that is not our own, and completely out of tune with ourselves—yet, we wonder why releasing and growing can be a difficult process. I work with my clients to help them release toxicity, foreign energy and difficult emotions while helping them ground into their own vibrant frequency—to bring in healing, clarity and wholeness.

Spiritual Healings

It is often said that we are spiritual beings trying to learn how to have a human experience—and wow, can that be tricky! In offering spiritual healings to my clients, I not only work on the spiritual level, but I also look at what the emotional, physical, intellectual and astral bodies need to come into alignment together for fulfillment, truth and purpose. We are complex beings, but when we connect and tune our emotional, spiritual and intellectual selves to the same frequency, we find deep connection, fulfillment and confidence.

1.5 Hour Session: $216

Psychic Readings & Mediumship

What Does Your Heart Want To Know?

Would you like to know more about your career, relationships, finances or future steps? What about your energy body, blockages, past lives or evolution as a soul? Is there someone you want to talk to who has passed? Get in touch today to see how I can support finding these answers to your important questions and more!

1 Hour Session: $144.00



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