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And yes, you are filled to the brim with it (this is your official Hogwarts letter)

I help empaths become confident in their intuition and psychic abilities by discovering their soul essence.

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If you’re here, you’re probably an empath, which means you feel it allEmpaths are always working on boundaries and balance, but their ability to heal themselves and connect with their soul essence is POWERFUL.

Ooh. I’m so glad you asked.

Your soul essence is MAGIC. It’s your innate inner light that has been with you for a very long time. It’s a vibrant healing frequency and is intertwined with your intuition. And your soul essence is completely unique, just like your fingerprint. Within your soul essence contains your purpose, and being in connection with it will help you further develop your gifts and expand your heart space.

But what is your SOUL  ESSENCE?

Have you felt this part of you stir? 

Our soul essence speaks to us through our emotions, such as joy and compassion, and bubbles up in our bodies when we engage in creativity, play, purpose and nature. Many of us have glimpses of our soul essence when we do activities that light us up, but there’s an even easier way to stay connected with it all the time.

When you stay connected to your soul essence, some seriously magical things start to happen.

Do you want to open up more to this part within you?

Soul Essence Wellness Center, spiritual life coaching, psychic medium, intuitive readings

There are many paths to reclaiming you.

But there are few that will help you tap into your 

Soul essence

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Over the past ten years, I have studied the intersection between psychology, spirituality and energy healing. I have worked with psychologists, therapists, shamans, witches, Buddhists, and psychics from many disciplines and wisdom traditions around the world.

My offerings are a fusion of the interwoven and synergistic relationship between these modalities. Learn more below.

Purple Skies

Energy medicine programs


Awaken Your Intuition & Connect With Your Divine Support System

Psychic-medium readings


Gain  Awareness, Clarity & Next Steps

Soul essence psychotherapy

Soul Essence Wellness Center, spiritual life coaching, psychic medium, intuitive readings

Transform Your Life with

Ongoing Support

Dena m.

"Xandra is the Real Deal. From the moment you sit down with her, she's dialed into your deeper self and is connected with those around you in the other realm. I feel as if she knows me intimately because her information is On The Nose about what's happening in my life, and how I can better access my own inner knowingness. The love she exudes is strong and yet light and gentle, and I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied for having spent time with her."

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