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Heal & Transform Your Life

Are You Ready to Connect with Your Highest Self?

Do you have parts of your life that feel painful, stagnant or unsettled?  Do those parts cause you  to feel  unhappy, unfulfilled  or disconnected from yourself? Perhaps you feel like you aren't living as expansively as you could or it might feel like you are living a life where there is very little joy. 


Sometimes the pain in our life starts as a grumble and slowly becomes a roar if we choose to turn away from the ache. This is your soul calling out, trying to let you know that something in your life is no longer serving you and that you have the power to choose something better.

Connecting deeper with your soul is the answer - no external validator is going to heal the ache long term.  We must go in. That is where the medicine lies. 

When we let go of what is no longer serving us, we make space for what our soul is calling to us, and we find a path that is aligned with our greater purpose - resulting in deeper fulfillment and joy.

Happiness is less about finding joy and more about releasing fear.

You have everything you need to heal - Let's work together to find out how you can access your inner wisdom and vast array of spiritual resources.

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There Are Many Paths to Healing


Throughout the past ten years, I have been studying the intersection between Psychology, Buddhism, Energy Healing, Holistic Health, Shamanism, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. I have studied with healers and spiritual teachers from many wisdom traditions around the world. My offerings are a fusion of the interwoven and synergistic relationship between these modalities. Learn more below.

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"When we are grounded and aligned in our own light and self-love, we begin being a light in the dark to others. When you raise your frequency merely by being aware of your soul truth, you radiate that to others and they match it, because they can also recognize it in themselves. We then begin acting more and more out of this place of love. This is how we change the world. This is how we raise the frequency of the planet to being a place where we are all loved and valued by who we are, and not what we do. "  

- Xandra Hawes, Radical Self-Love & Aligning with Your Soul Essence Podcast Series


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